Notting Hill – London

Located in London’s Notting Hill, Hubert Zandberg’s 850 square foot rental apartment was a temporary solution whilst he was between homes. Whilst no architectural works were undertaken, bold paint choices and the use of curtains to divide the space up created an atmosphere in which to showcase a curated selection of art, curiosities and furniture from Hubert’s extensive collection.

Hubert’s experience in retail design & merchandising allowed him to divide the spaces in an interesting way, and cleverly experiment with a multitude of pieces, using his existing collection in a completely new way. The combination of items and the dialogues between them was highly apparent in this apartment – a mix of curiosities from around the world including Paris, London, Berlin and Cape Town along with a mix of Brazilian, mid-century and Brutalist furniture all found a place and resulted in a harmonious space with a modernist maximalist aesthetic.



Opera — Paris


Mitte — Berlin

Terraced house

Ladbroke Grove — London